My Work

Experiential Marketing

By immersing the user in an experience, you make it about them instead of you. It creates a connection which is conducive to loyalty, the first step towards building a love brand.

UX/UI Projects

Check out my process step by step as I take you through some of my work showcasing the framework I implement in my UX/UI projects.

Traditional Advertising

Here you will find samples of some of my traditional advertising work. Print pieces, radio spots, TV commercials, and outdoor campaigns all live here in this section.

Case Studies

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The Budweiser Cuban Sandwich Series

The idea behind this campaign was to help Anheuser Busch to build a cultural connection in the Southeast Region with Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays baseball fans and position Budweiser as the perfect complement to the Cuban Sandwich. This multidisciplinary campaign sparked a friendly rivalry and conversation between the two cities with Budweiser in the center of it all. Fans were able to vote on their favorite version of the sandwich, as a complementary microsite tallied votes for both sides in real-time. We invited popular social media influencers to engage with us at events and post about the activities on their channels.


Miami was crowned this year’s #KingOfTheCubano in an extremely close final vote. We received thousands of votes in our hashtag-driven online contest. We garnered millions of impressions off of our social media, influencer and PR coverage efforts to reach baseball fans in each market with Budweiser at the center of the effort.



Full Case Study
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Hertz "Síguela" (Follow it)

"Follow it. Here we resolve your problems." Iconographic campaign for the Puerto Rico market where the ask was to develop a plan to target those individuals going through a problematic situation (a stolen car, a car in the shop, out of town guests, etc.) who may need to rent a vehicle. The word "Síguela" was used in conjunction with the arrow in the yellow circle to point towards rental counters through traditional outdoor media, and stickers and stencils throughout the city. The arrow in the yellow circle quickly became synonymous with the brand, with a high recognition/brand recall in the market. Phase II included a rollout of premium items, such as key chains, water bottles, pens, hats, and t-shirts, that were designed purposely without the Hertz logo to incentivize mass usage while still promoting the brand by association. To this day, a small sticker of that circle is used to identify the Hertz fleet of vehicles in the island.

Coors Light

US Hispanic Music Festivals for border markets and the West Coast.


Puerto Rico proprietary events.


Next steps

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