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Maybe you are not old enough to remember a time when you had to navigate from point A to point B without a smartphone. Depending on your age, you might remember having to look up an address online and printing out the map to take with you in the car. Maybe if you’re a little older you might remember calling the place where you were going and writing down the directions before leaving your house. Or maybe if you’re my grandfather’s age, you remember having a city map in your glove compartment or an atlas with all the main state roads in the trunk of your car. Whatever the case may be, there was a time when people had to be informed about an amazing new technology, that was so high-end and revolutionary, that it was considered a luxury. Yes, I’m referring to GPS. With Global Positioning Systems now you could map your route and have real-time feedback if anything changed along your trip. For Hertz Puerto Rico this was a big deal when they launched because they were the first rental car company on the island to be able to offer this perk. The wanted to let everyone know that they were the ones to rent from if you wanted to around the island without… getting lost. That’s where I came in. I understood that the campaign had to appeal to the Puerto Rican market directly, being for boricuas in Puerto Rico, about Puerto Rico. I also knew that it had to be informative so that people would understand what GPS was at a time that it wasn’t really too popular yet. But most importantly, I knew that Hertz wanted to make a big deal about it and that it had to be somewhat disruptive to catch on with a limited media budget. So that was when I thought about the great number of towns and cities with questionable names across the country. Towns such as Why, Arizona and Whynot, North Carolina are somewhat quirky enough for an honorable mention. But it is towns like Satans Kingdom, Vermont; Mexican Hat, Utah; and Burnt Porcupine, Maine that are among the weirdest of the weird. Just the same, Puerto Rico is not exempt from having its good share of places with interesting names, and with those names I built headlines that made you think I was talking about something else when I was actually making reference to a small obscure town on the island.


Do you want to meet Hunks? “Machos” = hunks, but it is also the name of a town in Puerto Rico.



Do you want to meet Blondes? “Rubias” = blondes, but it also the name of a town in Puerto Rico.


While the literal translations of the headlines are “Want to meet blondes?” or “Want to meet studs?” the meaning in Spanish is more attuned with: “Would you like to get to know Blondes?” as in getting to know the town of Rubias in the Yauco municipality. The body copy of the piece basically explains how with the new NeverLost feature, you can forget about maps and about having to stop for directions. It also ties it into the brand slogan “Rent Intelligently” because now you can get to any town in the island, regardless of how small, by just pressing a button.


┬áHertz “Rent Intelligently.”


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