The World Cup and the US Hispanic Market


Once again the World Cup is upon us. Like the Olympics, every 4 years FIFA hosts a soccer tournament at a different host nation bringing the best of the best to compete for bragging rights. And although the USA did not qualify this time around, it is still a very big deal for everyone else. Billions of dollars are invested in advertising efforts where brands seek to reach every cultural pocket out there. From tactical efforts supporting the home teams of many who now make the US their home, to massive efforts capitalizing on the hardcore soccer fans from the many Latin-American countries that make up the US Hispanic market. When I was starting my advertising career at WING Latino New York (the first of many US Hispanic advertising agencies where I have worked), I had the opportunity to be a member of a great team working on a World Cup campaign. The year was 2002, we were all getting ready for the Korea/Japan World Cup kick-off (literally), and Crown Royal was about to get in on the fun. While the campaign also had a print and a digital component, I want to share with you a radio spot that I’m really proud of. Titled “Every 4 Years” this spot was developed to air nationwide in the US through Hispanic radio stations for the duration of the World Cup. So, without further ado...

Crown Royal (2002). Every 4 Years. Radio. WING Latino Group. New York.

Now, let’s jump forward a few years to 2014. The whole world was buzzing with the World Cup in Brazil. With a lot more experience under my belt, I found myself working again on another US Hispanic World Cup campaign, but this time for DISH Latino (a division of DISH Networks). During my years working at MARCA Miami, I had the opportunity to work on this multimillion-dollar account from various angles. First, as the Account Supervisor; then, as one of its Senior Creatives... with an extensive overlap period in between.

Derek Garcia

I got to work with Derek Garcia. He is a super talented special effects makeup artist from Miami. He was a finalist in season 3 of SyFy's FaceOff competition. Having a person of his caliber working on this project is like asking Stephen King to proofread an email.

While working on both sides of the fence, we developed this TV spot for the latest offer DISH Latino had in honor of the World Cup. I know that what I am about to say doesn’t sound too exciting nowadays, but four years ago it was revolutionary! Did you know that Dish was the only service provider at the time that would allow you to watch live TV anywhere? With the Hopper from Dish, you could watch all your TV channels in real time through your phone or tablet. The competitors at the time had similar products, but they only allowed recorded programming, without news or sports. With a predominantly Mexican audience from border markets in the US, we set out to produce a spot that would capture the excitement of the World Cup in the US by Mexican-American audiences; showcasing two different target segments: the more culturally acclimated, and the newer arrivals. The main message was to communicate that you could watch the World Cup games live, and the promotional offer was getting a free iPad when you signed up for DISH Latino service. Shot here in Miami, with Marlins Park playing the role of a soccer stadium, it has been my largest (talent-wise) production to date. After all was said and done, not only did we end up with a nice little retail spot that fills me with pride, but with a TV spot that was extremely successful in getting new DISH Latino subscriptions and that was very well received by the clients and public alike.





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