UX/UI Projects

Check out my process step by step as I take you through some of my work showcasing the framework I implement in my UX/UI projects.


Miami-Dade County Transportation

Transit Store

Our mission was to redesign the Miami-Dade Transit Store, and provide a new look & feel that was more guiding and actionable for users.

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UX/UI Pitch Day III

Discover 305

We have observed that Miami locals, and tourists visiting the city, do not have engaging and entertaining ways to learn about the city and local offerings. How might we help the users discover the city in an exciting and unique way, while helping local businesses to connect with tourists?


Gauntlet Comic Books

Website Redesign

The mission was to choose an existing digital experience and redesign it. Through research, we uncovered what users really need and how they use the website to support the business goals and user goals.