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Welcome to the page about me, written by me, with many photos of me, on my website. I know that this practice is... super egotistical. The mere idea of writing this is making me self-consciously uncomfortable, but let's see how can I tell you about my professional self, while still trying to sound cool and casual about it. Ready? Good, at least one of us is... So, let's go!

For starters, I must admit that I believe in the concept of love brands. This is important because with love comes loyalty. I believe that consumers consciously choose specific brands not just because they meet an innate need or want, but because they connect with the consumer’s core values reflecting who they are as individuals. To achieve brand loyalty, a brand must connect, and that is what I strive to do with every brand I have had the pleasure to grow. I am a firm believer in loyalty, and thus I really enjoy working on retention-driven strategies. I must admit that there is nothing more rewarding than a well-implemented, custom made, and obviously successful CRM model. If this excites you as much as it does me, we need to talk (here's a shortcut to my contact page).

I consider myself an adventurer. I have a strong passion for world travel, cultures, and languages. As I continue learning, and growing, I have aligned my sights so that all of my experiences and knowledge would synergize within the evolving marketing industry. I am always ready to take on a new challenge and to work hard creating those connections between consumers and brands. My career path has taken a few professional routes, but they have all been learning experiences that have forged the person that I am today. At this point, I am confident that with my experiences with innovative and strategic marketing, award-winning creative advertising, diverse market background (Latin American, Caribbean, US Hispanic, and US General markets), and my proven military leadership and interpersonal skills, I would be an advantageous addition to any team.

As my LinkedIn profile indicates, I have a record of outstanding success managing innovative projects and creative ideas for fast-paced companies, operating nationally and globally. I have been responsible for developing new project ideas and presenting them to fellow decision-makers, develop and manage creative standards, and mentor others to achieve those standards. Included in my responsibilities, I have also been trusted with advertisement agencies elicitation processes, developing briefs, as well as creating and managing multi-million dollar campaigns.

I have received several commendations for my dedication and professionalism, and continually received recognition for my communication skills and for being a team player. Based on my qualifications, I believe I could be the right person to join a competitive work team and be highly helpful to any organization. Thank you so much for your time, I know that this was a lot to read. But if you're reading this, we've made it to the end, together. We have survived.

If you still want to dig a bit deeper, and get to know your new life partner better, feel free to check out my resume below.

My resume

Yes, that was a lot to read. Wait a minute... did you just skip all the way down here to get to the meat and potatoes? Fine... here it is.