Experiential Marketing

Also referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing strategies seek to immerse customers within the brand by engaging them in as many ways as possible. This strategy veers off course from traditional strategies that broadcast brand and product benefits to a wide audience. Brands utilizing this strategy want to create memorable and emotional connections with the audience to foster customer loyalty.

UX/UI Product Design

UX refers to the user experience, which focuses on how something works and how people interact with it UI, or user interface, focuses on the look and layout. UX/UI combines the best of everything I love doing: research, strategy, and design. Here you will find sample projects I have developed to showcase my problem solving methodology. This is how innovation, creativity, and strategy come together to help the user fall in love with a product or brand.

Traditional Advertising

Here you will find samples of some of my traditional advertising work. Print pieces, radio spots, TV commercials, and outdoor campaigns all live here under this tab. My experience with traditional advertising expands beyond two decades working with countless brands across multiple markets. I have created local and national campaigns for both the US General and US Hispanic markets, for Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as global branding efforts.

My Process

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Lean UX
IBM Design Thinking
Hyper Island Ideation

Let's get together and see how we can collaborate, learn from each other, and take advantage of the know-how I’ve acquired from my experiences in the marketing and advertising industries, proficiencies in strategic planning, analytics, creative direction, information technology engineering, and innovative user experience research and development (UX/UI). As a member of your team, we can also leverage my proven leadership abilities developed in the US Armed Forces to mentor and guide the team towards success. But most importantly, we are going to have fun while making magic happen.

Let’s do this!

UX/UI Skills

UX Audits
Competitive Audits
Ideation Facilitation
Data Analysis
Concept Maps
UX Strategy
User Journeys
Information Architecture
Visual Mockups
Empathy Mapping
Interaction Design
Presentation Skills
Task Flows
Card Sorting
Design Systems

Copywriting Skills

Creative & Technical Writing   Translations [ENG // SPA]
Market Specific Adaptations
Cultural Transcreations
Script writing
Quality Control

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My Tools

Why do I have an under construction website?

Like with everything I do, nothing is ever final. In life, there is constant learning, testing and iterating. The UX designer in me is always open to what people say about the products I create, and I welcome feedback. Because even when you think that you are done and that your product is perfect, there's always going to be room for improvement. As much as I like to think that I know everything, I do recognize that I do not. There is always something new to learn, and everyone out there has a unique point of view to offer. So yes, this site is under construction, and it will be until the day I die (or until websites are no longer a thing... whichever comes first).

That is what this website is. A multilayered presentation of who I am as a person and a professional. If you want to high-level it, and do a quick overview, here is my bio and resume. If you wish to go a bit further, you can browse through some of my work in my portfolio and maybe read some of my case studies. But if you really want to get into my head, you may delve into my Instagram feed (but beware! Don’t go into my Instagram hungry, there is an unhealthy amount of food-related posts there). So that is basically it. Welcome to my me-in-progress website.

Yes, I took a selfie in a public restroom. It happens. You’ve done it too, don’t lie.

But on a side note (literally), don’t I look smart with my reading glasses?

Yes, I took a selfie in a public restroom. It happens. You’ve done it too, don’t lie.

But on a side note (literally), don’t I look smart with my reading glasses?

Next steps

There's so much more to who I am and what I love to do beyond what can be communicated through this site, and from what you might gather in my resume. How about a face to face? Let's talk in person and see how we might be able to collaborate.

Social Listening

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